Konzert mit unserem finnischen Partnerchor

national and international contacts

Its a great pleasure to get to know other choirs and perhaps a common starling. So we got a real friendship in Finland, the choir “Salon Viihdelaulajat” from the town Salo. Intermediately we had contacts to “Cima Ucia” in Italy too.


Websites of our friendly choirs:


Salon Viidelaulajat Salon Viidelaujalat (in finnisch only...)

It's our long-time finnisch partner-choir since the parntership of the former town of Neviges (at this point not a part of Velbert) with the finnisch town Salo.

Polizeichor Wuppertal Polizeichor Wuppertal

A long partnership, too. Last but not lease it's released by Peter Flesch, our Chairman, who's a member of both choirs.