History (Essay)

Where do we come from?

The Quartettverein Liederkranz Neviges is a popular male-choir in a district of Velbert, former known as the town of Neviges, a famous place of pilgrimage. It is situated at the southern border of the “ Ruhrgebiet” between Essen, the European Capital of Culture 2010, and Wuppertal, the metropolis of the “Bergisches Land”, a part of north rhine-westphalia.

The founding

In the Year 1947, after World war II, our choir was founded by a few employees of the company “Krefft & Albretter”. They made pots and other cookware from the aluminium of old planes. Because of a low budget of our patron in time after war the choir got pots to sell itselve getting some money. That was the time of barter business in Germany. Some years later the choir got independence. From the early beginning, the choir has to fight for its surviving. So we decided, to make concerts with a good quality – and the audience loves it.

The choirmasters

A great part of the good luck in the vitae of our choir is the circumstance, that the choir-master Dietram Schubert was engaged a year after founding. He was a famous choirmaster in the region and formed the choir, so that it could made its first concert already in 1948/49. He was followed by other good men like Karlfried Tusselmann, Horst Faßbender, Michael Hochmut, Dieter Brux and finally Claus Tinnes. Meted with envy we got a very good vice choirmaster of our own, Rudolf Meyer.

Making some music

In the early years we earned a great success in doing contests.

Then, in the year 1962, we thought about getting money to celebrate our 15th anniversary of foundation. We plucked up courage and engaged an well-known Band. So we were low on funds at that time we created a “concert-book” with advertisements of many companies in town. And the audience was willing to pay a higher admission charge for the concert because of the attraction. This was the start of yearly concerts, each with a new repertoire and motto and mostly with new common starlings.


To conserve our music we made a LP in 1974 and a MC in 1992. Look at “some musically impressions”, here you can hear the pieces also.

In 2009 we created a CD with other choirs in the region called “Velbert singt”. It is still available by the organisation “Stadtverband Velberter Chöre”.